Wednesday, January 4, 2012


She is 7 years old, this photo was taken when she just turned 4. I look at her now and I see vestiges of what her teen self will be like. It is an exciting time but I also miss the baby she was. I am being a silly sentimental Mom today.


  1. Dear Yoli, I think I understand what you talk about. Antte is 6, and she still walked to be bed and sleep with me in the middle of the night when she wants to do so. While 8 years Anja had stopped to doing such things. I treasure the time that Anette still like to sleep together with me and she always holds my hand tight while sleeping. Sooner or later, all our girls will be teens and I suppose it will be a harder time waiting for us as well. No use to worry and I share your sentimental emotions and thoughts to our Children.

  2. No, not silly. Just a mom of a beautiful girl in that age of in-between. I have found myself with the same thoughts many times over the last year. Our babies are going more and more each day, although they will always be just that, but the excitement and beauty of the older selves is revealed in glimpses.

    We are lucky moms.


  3. I share the same sentiment with you dear Yoli ... being in the present, but my heart always wants to go back to the time when she was still "thumb sucking" ... i thought it's the most beautiful sound in the mid night ... How silly :) Also, I'm so curious how she will be when she's a teen ... and at the same time worrying ... Maybe this is the "privilege" of being a mom :)

  4. There is no silliness in cherishing what and who we love, then and now..